In Pursuit of the Call


It's been several weeks since I've written anything. Once again, life got in the way of focusing on personal endeavors. But, I can gladly say that I've been "good busy". My role has changed at work, yet again lol. I've been producing shoots left and right and enjoying every minute of it...well, for the most part lol.  Of course I'm exhausted and STILL need some sort of...wait what's the term?...VACATION, but I'm giving my all with God's help until that break finally comes. 

One thing I've learned is that when I don't allow myself time to pursue my passions, pieces of my soul slowly fade away. Ok, ok I'm being dramatic but you get the point lol. That being said, I've recently been researching Master's programs. So far I found one at Northwestern that I'm REALLY interested in. For a long time I thought the possibility of me getting a Master's degree was very slim. It was always something I had wanted during my first go around at undergrad, but then, as time marched on and bills piled sky high, I let the dream fade WAY in to the background. 

I'm now inspired again, and hoping to pursue this endeavor sooner than later. This time around though, I have a fresher perspective of the world around me, a deeper sense of self, and an expanded knowledge of what God wants to do in my life. I'm forever grateful for God's timing. I had everything mapped out, but He knows the course my life should take better than anyone.  I trust Him to lead me on the right path, as He always has. Either way, I'm excited about the possibility of furthering my education, preferably for FREE!! Lol

 "Many people have lost their calling trying to save their profession." Eric Butler