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Whitney Cusack is an Executive Producer and Filmmaker based in New York.

Filmmaking gave me the grace to speak.  Once I knew that I could tell a story that would captivate an audience or change the way they saw the world around them, I was hooked. The power of film is that it causes a person with the most calloused heart to surrender to what they see on the screen. As a filmmaker, I want to take full advantage of that open door, in hopes that I can change or impact someone’s life in a positive way. 

There are so many untold stories out there; things that people are scared to address.  Those are the issues I want to face head on. I feel like every great filmmaker was given this gift in order to truly do something with it. My goal is to write, direct and produce stories about restoration and expose injustices in a world desperately in need of hope.  

Using media and production, I plan to sow into the lives of young girls and empower them to succeed. I want to give them a voice just like filmmaking did for me. They need to know that it’s not all about image and what society says is beautiful or worthy of accolades. I want them to know and understand the power of who they are and the importance of establishing your own sense of self.  


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